About Us

Yossi Shoham


Yossi Shoham began his musical journey in childhood learning piano and clarinet. Jamming with his father, he has developed a unique style that has carried on to his own compositions.

Playing in a duo and in several bands for many years, he enjoys live performances and collaborations.

Currently, creatively working as a software engineer, with an electronic engineering background, he naturally connects technical music studio skills in recording, editing, and producing music, especially in a live performance.

“Every day I cherish the moments of making music.”

Chris Reynolds


Chris Reynolds from the great state of New Jersey. Drumming since the early age of 8 years old, influenced by drummers Buddy Rich, Louie Belson, and Carmine Appice to name a few.

Studied for many years with the head percussionist of the American symphony in NYC. Loves spending time with his family and dogs and enjoys time away at his upstate NY retreat.

Quotes: “If you want to be better tomorrow practice today”.

Special thanks to Alan Silverman you rock.

Drex Devereux


Drex Devereux hails from the awesome garden state of New Jersey. Drex has been singing since early childhood and continues fulfilling his lifelong passions in entertainment and live performance. He continues his pursuits in the arts and his
many endeavors.

Drex has studied with private vocal coaches for many years. He’s a graduate of Rutgers University New Brunswick NJ.

Drex has attended the Piero’s School of Music Bayonne, NJ Paganini Institute of Music and the Arts, Newark School of the Arts, Essex County Community Music Department, all in Newark NJ.

Drex has performed in many recitals, churches, and other public showcases.

Notably, Drex’s First Professional Live Performance was done in a 2-year Revue with other artists at Don’t Tell Mama, New York City several years ago.

Thereafter, Drex became lead singer and frontman for a cover band for a few years.

Throughout his many continued pursuits, Drex completed a musical project and collaboration with Diron/Jhazinghakhaliph of Krazilu Record. Centigrade and Centipede.

Drex now proudly is the Lead Singer and Frontman to the most Dynamic and well-Inspired group of Astute Musicians.
You will experience well-written and composed, emotional, and moving Original Music ever heard.

Bob Crocco


Bob Crocco began his musical journey as a child, singing in the choir at his local Brooklyn church.  He learned to play the guitar from the choir director and soon was performing Sunday’s at the weekly folk mass. 

During high school and college, he earned his pocket money playing in local rock and roll cover bands.  Winters in college bars and summers in the Jersey Shore clubs.

Through the years, he has played in many diverse ensembles. The genres he’s been involved in include: Rock, Pop, Blues, jazz, reggae, folk, country, and soul. 

“Music is really an emotional feel to me. It’s not just groupings of chords and notes.”

Ernesto Pineda


Ernesto Pineda began his love for music as a child, when he was given a guitar, and played recitals at a local community center.

In high school, he joined a cover band that needed a drummer and began playing drums for 3 different bands. After high school he formed a band with other friends, In which he played in different venues, starting a love for playing on stage.

Now he begins a new musical journey as a bassist for this amazing group.